ILUKU는 I look around 라는 주제로 인터넷 공간에서 모든 것을 볼 수 있다는 프로젝트로, 인터넷 공간에서 당신을 만난다는 내용으로 ILUKU라는 단어가 만들어졌습니다.
영어 다이어리

Tuesday March 4

This week is very hectic. So I’m very tired. 🙁

Monday February 24

My eggs were frozen in refrigerator… I was having a meltdown. I’m worried about broken eggs. very serious.
Sunday February 23

Sunday February 23

I went to Seoga&kook with my girlfriend. We ordered pasta and pork steak. It’s very delicious.

Saturday February 22

I tired three days ago. because my job is very busy. So I forgot to write my diary. I disappointed my self. Today, I met my best friend in Hongdae. We had fun time.

Wednesday February 19

I drank a couple of beers with co-workers. We had very good time. But I bit my tongue when I ate meat.

Tuesday February 18

I feel tried. because I didn’t get sleep last night.
Sunday February 16

Sunday February 16

Yesterday I went to Deogyu mountain. It’s so beautiful.

Friday February 14

Yesterday, I fogot to write diary.

Wednesday February 12

Diary start!